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Generally, alcohol addiction is a disorder whereby a person develops an uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. At some point the abuse of alcohol becomes a disease, because such a person cannot control their drinking despite experiencing the negative effects that their drinking brings them in their work place, at home or even in their social life. For some people, it has been said that no amount of alcohol is safe.

However, moderate drinking is usually not a big deal, provided that one is of age, but when it gets out of control, it becomes necessary to seek alcohol addiction help 800-303-4372. In the U.S. today for example, about 17.6 million adults are alcoholics. It is also estimated that there are about 140 million alcoholics world wide. This is a call for alarm because the figure grows bigger every day with the most affected group being adolescents and young people.

Alcohol Addiction Help

Recognizing an Alcoholic

If you are able to control your drinking, or in other words you do not drink to excess or let your alcohol consumption get out of control, you are probably in no danger of becoming an alcoholic. One can tell that they need alcohol addiction help when you realize that you have developed an uncontrollable craving for alcohol. No matter how much you try to quit drinking, you seem to have no real control. If you do manage to quit drinking for a while, you start developing symptoms such as sweating and sometimes nausea or vomiting. In order to quell this the abuser tends to go back to their drinking habits.

Risks of Heavy Alcohol Consumption – The abuser is also said to have tolerated their behavior to some extent because they tend to drink more and more to satisfy their compulsion. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease compared with other drugs. Heavy alcohol consumption increases the risk for certain cancers and may also cause cirrhosis of the liver.

About 25% of people who need alcohol addiction help also suffer physiological problems and some may even contemplate suicide. Such people require significant help from family and friends, and in extreme cases professional alcohol addiction help is necessary. These are not the only problems that are brought about by excessive drinking.

In some countries, statistics have also shown that alcohol addiction is a major threat to the economy. Research indicates that over 7 percent of the US population meets the diagnostic criteria for alcoholism or alcohol abuse. However, an alcoholic doesn’t need to wait until the situation reaches an extreme before seeking help!

Some people are able to quit drinking and seem able to manage regular consumption of alcohol, abstaining from drinking whenever they wish; however, the majority of those with this kind of a disease are only able to stop drinking temporarily, but require professional alcohol addiction help in order to be able to abstain completely. Those who manage their drinking without any help at all are mainly those who consume it in social situations, and only in low amounts. The degree to which one uses alcohol is not the only important factor in stopping its use, however. Anyone who is truly motivated to stop excessive drinking can change and regain control over their consumption habits.

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